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Name:Chihayafuru Kink Meme
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Community description:The Chihayafuru Kink Meme - all fanwork types accepted
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C H I H A Y A F U R U   K I N K   M E M E

Welcome! Like other kink memes before it, [community profile] chihayafuru_kink is a place to create prompts & fills for the anime/manga series Chihayafuru.

All prompts and fills are welcome. We accept gen & shipping, slash & femslash & het, OT#s, fluff and hardcore kink, AUs, crossovers, etc. The answer to "can I post this Chihayafuru prompt?" is always yes. All we ask is that you include tags/warnings as needed.

The most important rules are:
  1. Play Nice. Don't flame, shame, bash, harass, or hate on any ships, characters, other anons, kinks, prompts, fills, etc.
  2. Stay on topic. If your comment isn't about a kink meme prompt or fill, it should go elsewhere.
  3. Tag/warn when it's needed. This includes manga spoilers!

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